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Snake Plant Care

Loading... Loading... Learn the best plant tips for your Snake Plant care! Helpful plant ideas for Sansevieria – from watering needs, light requirements, grow big healthy Snake Plants. Delineate Your Dwelling #snakeplant #motherinlawstongue #Sansevieria

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Leather Plant Hanger

Loading... Loading... This Leather Plant Hanger is elegant, sturdy and stylish. Handmade in Portland OR and inspired by mid century modern design, this hanger is nicknamed the “Plant Hugger,” because its unique open design allows it to adapt to nearly any pot shape and size (we find it looks perfect …

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A guide to a happy peace lily plant

Loading... Loading... Hi, I’m Peace Lily, and whether you’re a plant person or not, I will be a great fit for you. I’m pretty low maintenance and I’m also a great plant for those of you who tend to overwater (I got you, I’m used to that). My lush tropical …

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