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Care for Silver Satin Pothos

Loading... Loading... Pothos silver satin, sometimes known simply as silver vine, is a plant that grows in temperate climates, but is perfect for indoor living as a houseplant. Learn what you need to keep the colorful leaves soft and shiny. #Silver #Satin #pothos

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My Plant Care Bullet Journal spreads

Loading... Loading... Keep track of houseplant care in my Bullet Journal, the Bullet Journal for Plant Care, the Gardening Spread, the Bullet Journal for Houseplant Care, and the Bujo Collection #bulletjournal #bulletjournalideas #journalideas

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Tips for the care of pearl necklaces

Loading... Loading... The best care methods for the beautiful succulents String of Pearls! Based on the total plant care, the need for irrigation and the best amount of light for your little plant – let us use these care tips from String of Pearl to grow these beautiful trailing plants. …

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